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An international school (kindergarten, primary and secondary bilingual) also adapted for gifted children


Galilée Bilingual School, situated in the 16th district of Paris, is an international private school that offers a secular and bilingual (French and English) education catering specifically to gifted children at the kindergarten, primary, and secondary levels.
The school, designed collaboratively by teachers, parents of gifted children, and childcare professionals, implements a unique program. It features small class sizes (with a maximum of 20 students per class), individualized bilingual teaching emphasizing interaction, and a strong focus on sports, physical education, cultural, and artistic activities.

Key Achievements:

  • A 100% success rate in the Cambridge English Exam (Starters Level to KET exam level) since 2010.
  • A 100% success rate in the State secondary level entrance examination.

Objectives of the school

  • Provide tailored education aligned with each child's pace of learning.


  • Delve into National Education Program subjects in a positive environment while enhancing the academic curriculum through bilingualism.


  • Foster self-confidence on intellectual and social levels.


  • Adapt the educational program to meet the specific needs of gifted children.

Foreign Languages


The school places a strong emphasis on foreign language acquisition. All teachers are English speakers, communicating exclusively in English with students. This approach enables French-speaking children to learn English and provides students with other native languages the opportunity for bilingual education through immersion.


Children engage in daily language use, acquiring a broad vocabulary in both languages. The program aims to develop full bilingualism or facilitate future language skills at a professional level.

Gifted Children


Galilée School recognizes the importance of identifying and addressing the needs of gifted children from an early age.

Following the 1994 Council of Europe’s recommendations, the school has adapted its pedagogy to align with them, providing a specific education tailored to the unique intelligence of gifted children.

Innovation and Collaboration


The school actively collaborates with childcare professionals, fostering partnerships and skill exchange in fields such as psychology and neuropsychology. Teachers are supported in their work, and individual adaptations for students are encouraged.

The teaching staff is dedicated to open communication with parents, ensuring their active involvement in their children's education.

Headmistress Sabine Noir

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