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Learning as Discovery

✨ Voici l'esprit qui anime le quotidien de notre école ! ✨ 
👀L’accompagnement humain à l’éducation de la solidarité, du partage, du courage, de l'esprit d'équipe, de la bienveillance, de la politesse, que nous transmettons aux enfants ! 👧 👦 ✍️

At Galilée bilingual school, our primary objective is to impart not only academic knowledge and skills but also essential "know-hows" to ensure that students grasp a solid understanding of fundamental concepts.

To achieve this, the school:

  • Provides personalized instruction tailored to each child's learning pace.
  • Delves deeply into subjects covered in the National Education Program.


Enhances students' academic curriculum and foundational knowledge by:

  • Offering English lessons with native teachers from the first year of Nursery, incorporating sports and a discovery of the world.
  • Introducing the study of History of Art and engaging in Visual Arts from an early age.
  • Offering an introduction to Spanish and Chinese language and culture.

Learning as Growth


Beyond a rigid set of rules, Galilée School instills principles of community life focused on "knowing how to be." Emphasizing support, the school aims to nurture responsible, committed, and respectful individuals who view new relationships and differences as enriching experiences. A blend of strict yet caring discipline is maintained in both the school and classrooms. Recognizing the crucial role of community life principles in a child's overall development, the school timetable includes daily discussion time for children to express their feelings and engage in debates with adults about daily events.

The kindness of the teaching team allows children to find their way, discover their talents, and build the self-confidence needed to progress, make mistakes, and learn from them. Galilée School embraces a humanistic approach, fostering trust and unconditional support to empower students to pursue their dreams confidently.

Learning as Thriving


The school emphasizes the importance of pleasure in learning, joy in discovery, and pride in success as driving forces for education. The teaching team is trained in Nonviolent Communication (NVC), designed by psychologist Marshall Rosenberg, to help children build self-confidence and self-esteem. NVC aims at fostering compassion and mutual understanding, fundamentally changing our perspective on others' behaviors and promoting empathetic listening.

Children are valued, acknowledged for their successes, and encouraged by compassionate adults. Teachers at Galilée School, whether working with precocious or average students, embody a compassionate approach to support each child's growth.

Experienced and Well-Trained Teachers


Galilée School's teaching team is composed of individuals selected not only for their teaching skills but also for their passion for education. Continuous training is a priority to ensure that teachers stay updated with the latest knowledge and tools, fostering a flexible and open-minded approach to adapt to different student needs.

Recognizing that a teacher's ability to challenge methods and a commitment to ongoing training are key to student success, Galilée School prioritizes professional development. All teachers bring proven and extensive professional experience from various bilingual schools, enriching the school's pedagogical approach.

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