International Bilingual School in Paris

Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary

Bilingual - Gifted Children (IPC-HIP)

since 2010

“Educating the mind without educating the heart, is not education at all.”

The Kindergarten

Comprising petite, moyenne, and grande sections, our kindergarten classes are fully bilingual. This approach allows children to follow a dual curriculum, spending 50% of their time learning in English and 50% in French. With a maximum of 20 students per class, each group is supervised by two English and French teachers who incorporate Maria Montessori's materials and pedagogy. Focusing on kindness, respect, autonomy, and collaboration, these foundational years aim to develop cognitive and emotional empathy for harmonious living.

The Primary

Employing an active international pedagogy, our primary school provides a bilingual academic education that enhances the National Education program and aligns with the English Curriculum. Classes, limited to 20 students, foster collaboration and self-confidence in an international and multicultural environment.

Starting from CE1, the teaching becomes trilingual with the introduction of Spanish language learning.

The College

Our private bilingual school in Paris accommodates teenagers from the 6th grade to the 3rd grade, offering individualized support with classes limited to 18 students. Following a triple curriculum of English, French, and Spanish until the brevet des collèges, the excellence program emphasizes solidarity and team spirit. Middle school students can seamlessly transition to the Lycée, pursuing various academic pathways.

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Our Mission : Bilingual Education with Caring and Excellence

For over a decade, our International Bilingual School in Paris has been committed to:

  • Providing personalized education tailored to each child's learning pace through international pedagogy.
  • Deepening the national curriculum in a positive atmosphere while enriching it with a bilingual approach.
  • Prioritizing students' well-being and personal development, fostering intellectual and social growth.
  • Preparing children for an ever-changing world, instilling a desire to project themselves into life.
  • Caring for Gifted Children. With a focus on individualized accompaniment, we collaborate with professional practitioners and researchers to support children with special needs.

Our bilingual international school in Paris adopts a holistic approach, offering tailored academic learning and considering children's education pivotal to their future.

Fostering Strong Bonds with Parents. Our school actively cultivates strong connections with parents from diverse nationalities and cultures. Evolving over the years, it has become a hub of excellence, collaboration, and interaction, extending a warm welcome to parents. Valuing and embracing the differences inherent in each individual, the school perceives them as enriching assets contributing to the vibrancy of our society.

Bilingual Program

From the initial kindergarten section, our bilingual English school employs innovative pedagogy to make learning English enjoyable. Certified teachers guide students, taking advantage of the brain's receptivity to absorb multiple languages.

Trilingual education, including Spanish, is introduced from CE1.

International School

Galilée stands as a bilingual, secular school in Paris, welcoming all individuals. Rooted in the transmission of international values and a commitment to openness, the school fosters a spirit of coexistence, showcasing the wealth of collective intelligence within an international and bilingual English setting.
Our mission is to actively contribute to the holistic development of each child in a customized environment, ensuring they grow with tranquility and become masters of their own choices in the future.

High-Potential Children

A child with high potential is not merely defined by an IQ score; it involves a distinct intellectual functioning often accompanied by heightened sensitivity. These children naturally accumulate a substantial amount of knowledge through intuitive processes. At the Galilee School, we provide them with the more horizontally structured transmission they require, ensuring they are acknowledged for their unique qualities.

Parent Testimonials

We hope that you are doing well and that the Galilée school continues its admirable journey. The news at the end of the year is excellent for Gabriel. Sixth form went very well with praise, congratulations and compliments respectively over the three terms. Without your work, its results would not be at this level. Thanks again.

Laurence & Christophe B.


I will keep excellent memories of your school. My children thrive there, they learn with a smile and are in the hands of motivated teachers who have children at heart. Thank you for everything!

Marie A, mother of kindergarten and primary school students