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Students immersed in a bilingual French/English education

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Galilée School is dedicated to the comprehensive teaching of foreign languages at every stage of a child's development. All three kindergarten classes fully embrace a bilingual curriculum, with instruction divided equally between English and French, providing students with an immersive dual-language experience.

The school's objectives include:

  • Teaching English and providing bilingual French/English immersion education.
  • Welcoming students with diverse native languages, enabling them to engage in bilingual French/English immersion, with French as a second language (FLE - Français Langue Étrangère).


Learning another language extends beyond linguistic skills—it opens doors to new cultures, customs, and traditions. Proficiency in a second language, alongside one's native tongue, is recognized as an essential skill in today's globalized world.


Cambridge English Examination success has been a hallmark of Galilée School, boasting a 100% success rate since 2010, spanning from the Starters Level to the KET exam level.

Teachers: Certified and English Speakers


Galilée School employs active learning methods, introducing English to students from the nursery level in an interactive and entertaining environment. This approach integrates real-life situations, enabling children to express opinions on significant topics. Emphasis is placed on oral participation, featuring activities such as self-introductions and role-playing games. These varied activities encourage self-expression, vocabulary enrichment, and the development of confidence in speaking English.

Unlike traditional curricula that often prioritize writing skills, Galilée School's teaching approach is oral-focused. Subjects such as music, sports, and the exploration of the world are also taught in English. As students progress to primary school, English writing skills become a focal point, with an increasing portion of the curriculum delivered in English. The four essential language skills—oral comprehension, reading, oral communication, and writing—are consistently and rigorously practiced.

Upon completing primary school, students attain a proficiency level in English that allows them to transition to Bilingual Middle Schools and potentially pursue further studies in an English-speaking country.

Français Langue Étrangère (FLE) and English Mother Tongue (EMT) Curriculum

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Français Langue Étrangère (FLE) is designed for non-French native speakers, facilitating their integration into French society and preparing them for continued education in a French school, either in France or abroad.

English Mother Tongue (EMT) students follow a differentiated curriculum, aligning with programs from English-speaking countries. The instruction incorporates materials from both the UK and US, enabling students to enhance their skills in their native language.

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