Admission procedure








Enrollment Process


Enrollment is available throughout the year, subject to availability. Our bilingual private school in Paris, situated in the 16th district, welcomes children of all nationalities.

Here is an overview of the enrollment procedure:

  1. Fill out and submit the registration form to the school.
  2. The school will reach out to you to arrange an appointment, interview, and visit.
  3. Following the interactions, both the school and the family collaboratively assess the suitability of enrolling the child in our bilingual school.
  4. If mutually agreed upon, confirm the registration by submitting the required fees and deposit.


For families residing abroad, remote registration is feasible. Feel free to contact the secretariat via phone or email for further details!

Application Form


To initiate the application process, complete the application form with all the required details and send it to Galilée School.

Our administrative team will reach out to you to coordinate a meeting. Following the meeting, a decision regarding your child's acceptance into the school will be communicated.

In case of a refusal, we may offer guidance for alternative school options.

Child and parents interview


The interview is typically conducted with both the child and the parents present. An evaluation of the child's academic level and knowledge may be required to ascertain the most suitable class placement:

  • For Kindergarten Students: An interview with the child might be conducted.
  • For Elementary and Middle School Students: A review of recent report cards will be followed by an interview with the child.

Tuition Fees and Financial Information


Tuition fees are invoiced and are due at the commencement of each academic year, with the option of a one-time payment or three installments. For families with multiple children enrolled, a graduated scale for tuition is applied.
Please be aware that if you choose to withdraw your registration, both the registration fee and the deposit will be retained by Galileo Bilingual School. Additionally, any ongoing term will be charged in full. Towards the conclusion of the second trimester, a tuition deposit for the subsequent year will also be required.

Our international bilingual school provides specific scholarships for students across all levels, spanning from kindergarten to college. These scholarships are granted following a comprehensive evaluation of the family's motivation and circumstances. To be considered, please include a letter of motivation with your application.

Should you encounter challenging personal circumstances during your studies, our private school in Paris is prepared to offer targeted assistance.