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The Galilée Collège (Middle school)


The Middle School marks a significant milestone in students' educational journey as they enter secondary education. Galilée Bilingual School, situated in the heart of the 16th arrondissement of Paris, France, has been officially recognized by the Ministry of National Education for over a decade. Our bilingual school, encompassing kindergarten, primary, and middle school, is designed to cater to the unique needs of all students.
Our private middle school embraces an innovative pedagogy that welcomes all children, including those identified as Highly Gifted (HPI), within a bilingual French and English curriculum. The pedagogical approach fosters solidarity among students and emphasizes teamwork. Students graduating from our middle school are well-equipped to seamlessly transition into various paths in high school, whether following a traditional or international curriculum.
For those interested, a specialized Sport, Art Études curriculum is also available. From sixth to ninth grade, these programs offer a nurturing educational environment. Individualized teaching methods allow students to approach high school, the baccalaureate, and higher education with confidence, whether in France or internationally. This educational journey ensures that students attain an excellent academic level while gaining a remarkable global perspective.
The middle school is organized into four levels, spanning from sixth to ninth grade, and structured into pedagogical cycles. The curriculum is carefully designed to prepare students for the challenges of higher education.
Our bilingual collège in Paris welcomes students in the following grades:
● Sixth Grade
● Fifth Grade
● Fourth Grade
● Third Grade (students in this grade are candidates for the Brevet des Collèges, a national diploma awarded upon completion of middle school)
Galilée Bilingual School's middle school provides a supportive and enriching educational environment, preparing students for academic success and a global perspective as they progress through their educational journey.

Middle School Classes: Two Possible Paths


Bilingual/International Track

The school defines bilingualism as "the ability to express oneself in both French and English, both orally and in writing." Given that a significant number of students have English or French as their native language, multiculturalism is ingrained in the learning dynamics of our bilingual middle school in Paris.
The curriculum aligns with the programs of the Ministry of National Education, except for English programs and optional courses unique to our bilingual school. With a maximum of 18 students per class, our private middle school accepts children of all nationalities.
Collaborative work among teachers determines annual progressions and provides an opportunity for continuous exchange on pedagogical methods. Teachers, recruited for both their professional and human qualities, are passionate and dedicated. They prioritize kindness and understanding.
All middle school students receive 26 hours of compulsory instruction per week, with the possibility of additional optional courses. The 6th-grade class aims to help students adapt to the organization and life at the middle school while ensuring continuity from the CM1 and CM2 classes.

College students making lesson notes in university auditorium

Subjects Introduced in Sixth Grade:
● Spanish
● Latin
● Philosophy
● STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics)
● Coding and digital skills
● History of cinema and music
● Image and media analysis
The active pedagogy of our private middle school in Paris ensures the strength of fundamental learning, supports students' curiosity and creativity, teaches collaborative work, and fosters autonomy.
In a framework that combines students' personal development with individualized support, we surround them with trust, respect, and tolerance to assist them in navigating this unique period of adolescence.

Upon completing their middle school education, our students seamlessly integrate into various prestigious high schools in Paris, such as École Alsacienne, IPCOM, American School of Paris, EIB, Jeannine Manuel, École Pascal, École Diagonale, l’Alma, St Jean de Passy, J.Baptiste Say, Hattemer.


Excellence Tracks: Arts, Sports, Studies

Balancing demanding artistic, sports, or digital activities with academic excellence is challenging. Our dedicated classes with modified schedules were designed to allow passionate students the opportunity to receive specialized training in their chosen field while ensuring the best chances of fulfillment in a climate of concentration and excellence.
Schedules for these classes are organized on half-days, with students attending regular classes in the morning and dedicating their afternoons entirely to artistic or sports practice. The courses take place Monday to Friday over 32 weeks from September to June.
This structure allows students to continue their artistic or sports activities in their usual centers, clubs, or conservatories. It encourages students to unleash their creativity and values academic success through sports and art, regardless of their choice.
The pedagogical teams work hand in hand, both in implementing modified schedules and in monitoring students' progress.

Certification of Students at the End of Fifth Grade


Galileo School takes pride in its remarkable track record, achieving a 100% pass rate on the state exam for its students annually since 2010. Notably, the state exam, which was once a requirement, is no longer mandatory, aligning with a strategic shift toward the public system. This adjustment allows students the flexibility to transition to Collège, whether it be public, private, classical, or international. Additionally, our students have consistently excelled in Cambridge English Exams, attaining a 100% success rate from the initial levels.

Before the opening of Galilée School's middle school, our students seamlessly integrated into various prestigious institutions in Paris, enrolling in the 6th grade in schools such as:
● École Alsacienne,
● Collège EIB Monceau,
● Collège Jeannine Manuel,
● École Pascal,
● École Diagonale,
● Collège de l’Alma,
● Collège Janson de Sailly,
● Collège St Jean de Passy,
● Collège J.Baptiste Say,
● Collège Hattemer.