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The Galilée Parents’ Association aims to facilitate the gathering of parents and friends of the school (former students, parents of former students, etc.) around the school's objectives. It is the Association of ALL parents, whether they are members or not.
Its main activities include:

  • Facilitating exchange between parents within each class, between classes, and with the school's management.
  • Organizing various events (festive, cultural, educational, or others) in collaboration with the school.
  • Promoting kindness, awareness, and bilingualism as well as addressing the needs of gifted children are at the heart of the missions and projects proposed throughout the school year.
  • Organizing events such as picnics, snacks, and aperitifs to bring together the school's parent community, create connections between families through conviviality, and informal exchanges.
  • Creating memories for children through common projects (photos, videos, collectively created items).
  • Suggesting group outings (museums, shows).
  • Arranging conferences, especially on topics related to learning, giftedness, or bilingualism.
  • If the budget allows, the Association may contribute to the purchase of educational materials (scientific, cultural, etc.) to nourish the thirst for learning in our children.

Each project will be proposed to members before its launch through the communication channels established at the beginning of the school year (email, instant messaging loop, etc.).


Past actions performed by the association